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Whoever says does not like unicorns is lying! There are thousands of products with unicorns and here you will discover them ALL! Not much is known about them, but it is inevitable to perceive the magic they give off. This kind of small colorful horse with its typical coiled horn arouses many people. It is said that a long time ago there were wonderful creatures who had a horse body, and had a magical horn on their forehead. They were called UNICORN, they were white and it is believed that they came from India. They had so much magic that not everyone could see them, on the contrary, there were very few who had the privilege of being able to observe them. Only people of good and pure heart could admire them, qualities that they perceived with ease. Their horns had healing properties, and they were very powerful. Even, it was believed that they contained the formula of eternal youth. Its mystery, its origin, its myths and legends are the basis of our website, totally dedicated to these fantastic beings. We are fans of unicorns! Here we wanted to gather all that magic so you can have it very close, and find EVERYTHING you want to have with unicorns. It is our greatest and most sincere desire that you enjoy our website, and find in it all you are looking for about our beloved unicorns. Welcome!