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Power of the unicorn horn

The unicorn horn, also known as «alicorn», is a legend accepted in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. It has been attributed many virtues and healing powers, which have been believed since the thirteenth century. Because of these beliefs, the unicorn horn became one of the most expensive remedies during the Renaissance. The price of the horn varied by the different currencies of each era, but there is no doubt that it was never cheap.

In 1609, Thomas Decker of a unicorn horn that was worth «half city». In 1553, one that belonged to the King of France was valued at 20,000 pounds, about 22,500 euros. Obviously, only rich and powerful people could buy it, and also some curiosity collectors. It is said that the unicorn horn shines when detecting a danger or threat, as a premonition or a sixth sense. Its horn serves to determine the age of the unicorn: if it has the spirals very marked, it is very old, but if it is smoother, it would mean that it is newborn. In almost all the stories it is believed that when the horn is stripped from the Unicorn, it dies. Others used it as an amulet for good luck and some said that the horn was capable of providing absolute happiness.

We offer you many unicorn costumes that come with your horn, and we assure you that some are very real: like unicorn heads with horn. We also have tiaras with unicorn horn for girls, for birthdays and parties.

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El poder del cuerno de unicornio

El cuerno de unicornio, también conocido como “alicornio”, es una leyenda aceptada en Europa occidental durante la Edad Media. Se le han atribuido muchas virtudes y poderes curativos, que se han creído desde el siglo XIII. Debido a estas creencias, el cuerno del unicornio se convirtió en uno de los remedios más caros durante el Renacimiento. El precio del cuerno variaba por las diferentes monedas de cada época, pero no hay dudas de que nunca fue barato.

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