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Who is Anne Stokes? Inventor of unicorns and magic!

Anne is originally from London, although she currently lives in the north of England with her son Leo and her partner John. He began his artistic career designing products for bands like Queen and The Rolling Stones. She also worked as a jewelry designer and sculptor. His t-shirt designs have been worn by many bands, and the shirt with the skull tattoo was chosen for Tim Burton’s film «Charlie and the chocolate factory».

Then she became an independent illustrator, working on a series of books, games and recording products, which illustrations for the famous game Dungeons and Dragons. His artistic career is based on fantastic beings. Many of his paintings are reflected in a wide range of products that are for sale all over the world, including T-shirts, posters, book covers, calendars, puzzles, tarot cards, sculptures, cups, jewelry, Zippo lighters and cards. congratulations She continues to produce new works and has published several books. The Anne Stokes collection covers a wide range of subjects, from the magical enchanted forest to the dark underworld of gothic vampires, including dragons, fairies, vampires, angels and of course: UNICORN. His art presents striking designs and representations of the life of these fantasy characters. Here you can see everything that this amazing artist offers you.